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No more pictures of the Mona Lisa

Het schilderij
Thee you are, in front of the one and only Mona Lisa. Of cause, you want a souvenir. You make a picture of the famous painting.
To late. The management of the Louvre has forbidden all potographing and filming in the Denon-wing of the museum. In other parts of the museum photography is still allowed under the old terms: no flash, no tripod.
The Denon-wing however has so many famous pieces the gallery became to crowded. People who just wanted to admire the Mona Lisa were pushed aside by photographers.
From now on, use the Internet for your souvenirs.
Posted by Peter on november 6, 2005 at 05:14 PM

What do you think? (3)

On 07-11-2005 Rene Smit said:
Maar dat was toch al zo? Tenminste wel in de zomer van 2004....

On 07-11-2005 Peter said:
Volgens het frans verkeersbureau geldt het verbod sinds half september.

On 26-03-2008 GHIS said:
dit is al lang niet meer zo volgens mij, ik ben 2 weken geleden in Parijs geweest en heb tig foto's van de Mona Lisa, iedereen mocht foto's maken?!?!

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