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Gathering mushrooms

Foto van Hoorn des Overvloeds.
Gathering mushrooms is a national sport in France. Eating the toad-stools you gathered your self is a bit risky though... However, this week you can gather mushrooms without any risk at the Domaine du Ciran nature park south of Orléans, where a pro is ready to check your harvest.
You want to gather some mushrooms after this week, or in another area? Don't hesitate. It's just normal to show your toad-stools at the local pharmacist. He knows if you can eat them.
Nevertheless it's good to have some idea about the toad-stools you can eat. Tachenon is an good picture guide. The last line of the descriptions states if the toad-stool is eatable (comestible) or not.
Posted by Peter on october 9, 2005 at 11:55 AM

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The Squat Toilet Weblog tells about changes on this website and points at funny or usefull websites about France. Apart from that, news from France. Not all of it, not allways the breaking news, but just some messages to give an idea of the country.


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