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This site is about tourism in France, not about the famous French cuisine. However, some French specialty's should be mentioned: truffles, bouillabaisse and raclette. Finally, being Dutch I simply must add a paragraph about the possibilities to get fried potatoes, pancakes and so on.
Pancakes? One of the better things of the French cuisine!
If you like pancakes, you will not have any problem with the famous French cuisine. Foto: Xavier / Les Amis du Type H
Truffles are mushrooms, growing in subsoil. They're small, but tasty and filled with nutritious matter. They should be eaten as fresh as possible. Nevertheless, they're sold in tins too. Truffles do perfectly well in hash, soup and wine-sauce. Also, they go easily with meat e.g. turkey.
This mushrooms are considered to be delicacies since the days of king Lou´s 14. Before then, possibly nobody ate them at all: they were believed to be a product of Satan...
Recipes with truffles (Site in Dutch language)
Bouillabaisse is a fish-soup, traditionally made by fisherman from Marseille out of the fish they could not sell. So in fact, it's a very simple family-meal. It has a very special taste thanks to the fact that it has at least four different species of fish in it. The species may change, depending on the kinds of fish available.
In restaurants, bouillabaisse is commonly served on two plates: one with soup and the other with fish.
Recipe of bouillabaisse (English)
Raclette is a kind of cheese-fondue, used in the mountains of the former kingdom Savoie. The cheese, mostly a regional melting cheese like reblochon or tomme de savoie, is melted above a small oven. Nearly melted, it is scraped from the cheese to be put on the plate. If you dare, you may also try to wait and catch the cheese with just anything you want to eat.
It's usually combined with meats and boiled potatoes. Raclette goes well with white wine and hot tea. Don't take cold water or liquors because of the risk of the cheese thickening in the stomach.
Raclette recipe (French)
Pancakes and chips
You're children only like fried potatoes and pancakes? No problem at all! Fried potatoes (chips) are widely sold in small shops and little old vans, though price and quality differ very much. Mostly, you can also buy a pizza in these fastfood-shops, or a pancake, sometimes even shoarma. Macdonalds has 'restaurants' allover the country, just like everywhere else in Europe.
The French are even better in making pancakes than the Dutch. A pancake is called crepe and it is to be eaten in a creperie. Who ever thought Dutch pancake restaurants are offering a large variety, will not believe his eyes in a creperie. Especially, In France there is a larger variety in hearty pancakes. These pancakes are often made with dark grain, according to Breton recipe. They are called galettes.
Need some more food the Dutch are used to? Our familiar lightly toasted sandwich with ham and cheese is sold in France too. It's called croque-monsieur. A croque-madame is basically the same thing, but is very hoge and has fried egs on top.
A very long listing of pancake restaurants in France. (English)


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