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Bienvenue: welcome to France

France is the most popular holiday resort for Dutch people and many others. Nothing strange about that, because the country around the Eiffel Tower has got everything you're looking for. Miles of ocean beaches, high mountains, lots of sun and history, just name it... Nevertheless, there is no country Dutch tourists grumble about so much as France.

Dutch displeasure in France reaches its peak at this one place both French and Dutch must visit: the toilets. According to the Dutch, squat toilets are typical French. That's why this site is called Het Hurktoilet or squat toilet. It's purpose is to give useful and funny hints to enjoy holidays in France.
Most of this site is in Dutch, of course. However, on special request I translated a few pages. I plan to translate some more pages, so please be patient and come back someday.

Parts of the contents are based on personal experience in France. In Forum, everybody may exchange experiences. By the way, be careful: use of this site´s information is at own risk.
Hints, tips, links and (language) improvements are welcome.

Het Hurktoilet

Dutch artist Sasker Scheerder was inspired by this site to make a new sculpture, a very huge squat toilet to relax on. He exposed it in 2001 in Nantes.

Aire d'EU, by Sasker Scheerder. Click the photograph for the story about this picture. Het Hurktoilet in Dutch press.
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Het Hurktoilet is made by Peter Koster. Copyrights.

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